York BBQ Caterers

York Barbecue Menus

Our York BBQ caterers will arrive at your special occasion, party or event in plenty of time to cook everything on the BBQ from your chosen barbecue menu ensuring that everything is ready for your guests at your chosen serve time, then once service and seconds is finished our York BBQ caterers team will collect in rubbish from guests and quietly clear everything away leaving our clients totally free to enjoy the Barbecue food and event the event. Hosts can attend to their guests knowing that we have taken care of all the BBQ event catering requirements.

The Classic York BBQ

Simple But Nice Burger
100% Homemade beef burgers with a dash of
Homemade Tomato Relish,
topped off with Slaw
Served in a Brioche Bun

Amazing Bangers
Award Winning Posh Homemade Pork
Sausages on the side for dipping in our
selecton of sauces

Veggie Option
Vegetable burger with our Homemade Tomato Relish

Mediterranean salad
Homemade coleslaw
Selection of sauces
Add Grated cheese

York BBQ Caterers

Great British BBQ

A Classic
100% homemade beef burgers topped off
with Sweetcorn Relish and Slaw
Served in a Brioche Bun

Yummy Bangers
Homemade Award Winning
Old Spot Pork Sausages
Served with fried onions

Jerk Chicken
Chicken Breasts Fillets
Marinated in a Jerk Sauce

Veggie Burgers (v)

Rocket & Parmesan shavings salad
Homemade Coleslaw
Red Onion & Tomato Salad
Grated cheese
Selection of sauces

Added Bacon

Burger with Slaw in Brioche Bun

The All American BBQ

The Daddy of Burgers
100% Homemade British Beef Burger topped
off with Free Range BBQ Pulled Pork in our
Homemade Signature Sauce and Brioche Bun
Don’t want the Burger, no problem, guests can just have the pulled pork

Chilli Dawgs
Posh Homemade Old Spot Sausages
Smooth in our Homemade Milk Chilli
Topped off with Fried Onions and Cheese

Comes with a choice of fillings all included

Homemade Coleslaw
Sliced Tomato
Iceberg Lettuce
Grated Cheese

Served with our signature homemade ‘Fire Juice
The All American BBQBurger Pulled Pork in Brioche Bun

Southwest BBQ

Steak n Shrimp
BBQ  Shredded Beef Brisket Topped with Cajun
In a Brioche Bun with our Smoky Bourbon

Banger to Die For
Homemade Caramalised Onion Sausages
Served with Fried Onions

South Carolina Chicken
BBQ’d Chicken Fillets in our Sweet and Sticky Sauce

Spicy Bean Burgers (v)

Cajun rice salad
Homemade Spicy Asian Coleslaw
Bean and Sweet Corn Salad in our
Cajun Mayo
Grated cheese
Selection of sauces

Garlic and Maple Syrup King Prawns

Smokin Texas

Philly Steak
Slow Roasted Smoked Black Angus beef
Brisket Smoothed in Creamy Cheese Sauce,
Topped with Free Range Crispy
Bacon in a Brioche Bun

Happy Ribs
Babyback Pork Ribs Marinated for 24hrs in
our Secret Rub Served Wed with our
Unholy Sweet and Smoky Sauce

Texas Chicken
Chicken Fillets in Garlic, Chilli, Salt and
Pepper Rub with BBQ Sauce on the side

Smoky Beans with Peppers Onions in our BBQ Sauce

Signature Dish – Blue cheese slaw

Fresh Guacamole and Chips

Texas Style Potato Salad with Red Onion
Peppers and Mustard Dressing

Happy BBQ Ribs

Spit Roast Charcoal BBQ
The Ultimate Spit Roast BBQ Experience

All roasted over charcoal on spits

Spit Roasted Pulled Pork served in our Sweet
and Sticky Sauce in a Brioche Bun

Spit Roasted Chicken Breast with
Butter, Garlic and Rosemary

Spit Roasted Pork Sausages Glazed in
Honey and Whole Grain Mustard

Chargrilled Roasted Pepper, Courgette &
Mushroom Sprinkled with Garlic Olive Oil (v)

Fruity Rice Salad
Mozzarella, Red Onion and Tomato Salad with
Basil Pesto
Homemade Coleslaw
With a Selection of Sauces


  Cypriot-Charcoal-BBQ3 Pulled pork sandwich

Our York based BBQ caterers hand make  all our barbecue burgers and sausages are homemade and all our salads are all freshly prepared by our barbecue caterers taking care and adding passion to everything we produce.

vegetarian option (v)

Crockery & Cutlery Upgrade
All bbq catering menus from our York BBQ Caterers come with quality disposable crockery and cutlery, but why not upgrade to 8″ porcelain plates and stainless steel cutlery or 10″ porcelain plates and stainless bead design cutlery. We also offer upgrades on dessert bowls and stainless steel spoons.

Ask us about availability and pricing of our quality free range bbq catering at great prices and value for any event or special occasion.